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What's this?

Designed for ETL developers and integration specialists, the file parser API offers a resilient, simple way to process flat files into structured data that can be loaded into another file or into a database. By tunneling your files through this API, you can catch most minor formatting errors as well as unexpected changes to the files, like column changes, format changes, different regional settings, etc.

When you upload a delimited or fixed-width flat file to the API, it will attempt to automatically interpret the file format and the datatypes of all the cell values. It will also,

The result can be output in a number of ways,

How do I use the API?

Click here for the full documentation on the API. Also, because the API is a web service, you can try it yourself using your browser, here and now.


The API is free for evaluation purposes. For this purpose, you can try it out with files up to 20 kB (20 480 bytes). If you want to load larger files, you'll need an API key. As with everything else, as long as it's free, there are no guarantees with regards to service level or functionality and we may choose to alter or even suspend evaluation access to the API at any time.

With a paid plan, you can load much larger files and you get a service-level agreement (SLA) detailing the kind of uptime and service metrics you can expect.

Yeah, but the cloud, isn't that just other people's...

If you need a lot more throughput, or if you just have trust issues (and who doesn't?), we'll set you up with a way to run the API locally on your infrastructure, on prem or in the cloud!

The entire service is written in node.js with no frameworks and a minimum of libraries. All you need is really a web server of your choice. Contact us for a quote.

Try it yourself!

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Remember: It's not magic. I've built in a lot of checks and safeguards, but in the end, there are things that an automated web service won't be able to fix. Use the errors/warnings feature in the JSON blob to detect unresolved errors in a manner that is suitable to your ETL and data quality needs.

Privacy issues?

We take data security and privacy very seriously. Uploaded files are only stored in memory during processing, so none of the data is ever stored on disk, not even temporarily. We don't analyze or keep any of the contents except to determine the datatypes, and we will obviously never share any data with any other party whatsoever. Communications to and from the API server are encrypted using TLS (HTTPS) and all of the server-side infrastructure is based in the EU, as an Azure web service. Please read our full terms of service and privacy policy.

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